Access an easy-to-use interface for ordering ship detection reports from satellite data and improve your awareness of Maritime domain.

Locate and track with Airbus – The unique innovative self-ordering service for satellite based maritime ship detection report.

OceanFinder is an easy-to-use service which has the ability to detect ships and activity at sea. Whatever happens at sea, we can quickly find your asset. Using the latest space sensors and maritime expertise, we improve crew and cargo safety. This service provides ship information reports over surfaces and places defined by the user, either as one image or on a regular basis.

It can be activated

  • In routine mode, for background intelligence, as a one-off or on a regular basis.
  • For planned or unplanned operations. Rapid delivery can be activated to ensure the information is as fresh as possible for users.

Your advantages with OceanFinder

  • More Ships Detected: From detection to classification and identification using weather-independent radar and optical high detection capability
  • More Frequently: Daily and even intra-daily revisits, leveraging all sensors, enabling a situational understanding several times a day

OceanFinder Key Features

  • Detects illegal activities
  • Relocates hijacked vessels
  • More effectively manage your fleet
  • Ensures increased safety in hostile waters
  • Assists with search and rescue efforts
  • Route prediction and projected location of vessels (coming soon)

OceanFinder Video

Discover our services

  • Basemap picture


    The most reliable worldwide imagery layer

  • Starling picture


    Rely on an advanced solution to curb deforestation and meet sustainable forest management.

  • Verde picture


    Provides precision-ag leaders with incomparable vegetation maps. API delivery ensures direct display in any portal, so farmers access this data easily from their service provider.

  • Stack Insight picture

    Stack Insight

    Stack Insight revolutionises volume calculations and change detection with its risk-free remote acquisition – providing high accuracy volume calculation, when and where you need it.

  • Defence Site Monitoring picture

    Defence Site Monitoring

    Defence Site Monitoring automatically monitors hundreds of sites worldwide and produces automatic detection reports.

  • ShaleScanner picture


    Monitor the shale oil and gas lifecycle with Airbus – this unrivalled service enables users to access accurate and timely information on well pad activity months ahead of published information!

  • OceanFinder picture


    Access an easy-to-use interface for ordering ship detection reports from satellite data and improve your awareness of Maritime domain.

  • Activity Analysis and Monitoring picture

    Activity Analysis and Monitoring

    OneAtlas Analytics leverages premium Airbus satellite imagery, AI and cloud computing technologies to automatically extract actionable insights fast, in a cost-effective way and at scale.

  • High Accuracy Map Extraction picture

    High Accuracy Map Extraction

    OneAtlas turns imagery into accurate, detailed extractions of land use features with cartographic precision, anywhere on the planet.

  • Infrastructure Change Detection picture

    Infrastructure Change Detection

    OneAtlas enables direct access to state-of-the-art Change detection analytics from across the industry. We leverage archive imagery to run qualified analytics at city, region or country-wide scale.

  • Living Library picture

    Living Library

    Quick & easy access to premium satellite imagery from our multi-resolution optical archive. Need access to more imagery? No problem. Users can access our deeper historical archive directly from the Living Library account.

  • 3D Textured Model picture

    3D Textured Model

    Add relief to your imagery and visualise the world in 3D.

  • One Tasking picture

    One Tasking

    Commissioning a satellite and obtaining the imagery you requested, exactly when you need it, is now fast and incredibly easy.

  • RefineryScanner picture


    Combines weekly refreshed satellite imagery with advanced analytics to indicate refinery shutdowns up to six weeks ahead of the market, as well as drawing implications on crude capacity.

  • Pléiades Neo picture

    Pléiades Neo

    The best of very-high resolution 30cm optical imagery for an unprecedented level of geospatial services

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